NAAPTI - National Accrediting Agency

A legitimate, valuable, affordable and reputable accrediting agency


NAAPTI respects your privacy and will never divulge your information with anyone. All of your financial payment information [name of your bank, routing and account numbers] is not retained by us. The only thing we record is the amount of your payments.

Names of NAAPTI members are only shared with other members in order to protect the privacy of the membership from e-mail spam and unwanted advertisers. Each member places their accreditation membership with NAAAPTI on their respective website which can be verified by interested parties by contacting us for that purpose. The reputation of NAAPTI is built upon a foundation of high academic standards required of an institution in order to qualify for Accreditation.

Members accredited by NAAPTI may request that their institution names be listed on our website. All such postings will reflect the name of the institution, website URL, membership status and date of their accreditation period membership and not the number of members. We hold that QUALITY speaks better than quantity.